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To attain and sustain a healthy physical and spiritual well-being of the poor.


To help improve the lives of the indigents and bring the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST to them.


About Us

We are a Christian-based non-profit non-stock organization registered with our SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) on October 17, 2003. We are offering partnership and collaboration with various Christian individuals and organizations which need assistance, enhancement, and improvement of their ministries and advocacies in helping the indigents and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our priority areas of ministries are those impoverished communities that have underserved and unserved psychosocial, spiritual, and poverty alleviation support and services requirements.

We are Primarily a Support Organization

Our generated revenues help provide support to Christian Church based and humanitarian projects of NGO’s (non – government organizations) and religious entities.

Arrangements for specialized training on specific fields of interest and other concerns of small organizations to improve their delivery of services are also made possible thru the assistance and dedicated support of volunteer experts which are made possible thru our intercession and logistical help.


Our funds and special resources by God’s grace, come mostly from the contributions of the members of the board of trustees. They are involved in various business undertakings. We also undertake fund raising projects like sponsorship of art shows. Donations of properties to be used as prizes for some contest and many more.


The encouraging developments of the business activities of our trustees have given rise to our long–envisioned projects of bringing medical attention to the poor and sickly patients deprived of help and sources particularly those from the provinces and impoverished urban areas.  Educational materials (teaching and learning), repair of old facilities such as classrooms and libraries, and financial assistance to dedicated rural teachers are also among our priority of concerns to create opportunities in the life of the destitute, to inspire and live a better life.

Elderly Photo

List of some non – stock, non – profit organizations that we had partnered with through contributions and other forms of services and assistance.

  1. CBN Asia Christian Broadcasting Network – a multi-faceted non–profit, committed to bringing the teachings of Jesus Christ to the world.

  2. Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines – non–profit organization that facilitates the delivery of material donations, services, and relief goods to disaster-devastated areas around the country.

  3. IEMELIF Iglesia Evangelica Methodista En Las Islas Filipinas – Religious organization with a nationwide presence thru their churches, missions, and humanitarian activities.

  4. FEBC Far East Broadcasting Company – It is a Christian mission organization with the primary purpose of bringing the Gospel of Christ thru radio broadcast ministry from its 13 radio stations thru out the Philippines and is also involved with social and cultural development and public service.

  5. BJMP Bureau of Jail Management and Penology - This is a government bureau involved in the rehabilitation of inmates to reform and be good citizens after their jail terms. We are in partnership with some church ministries in biblical film showings and regular social and psychological programs for 21 prisons.

  6. Manila Blind Church - This is a special concern church whose members are totally blind and vision-impaired people. They have community and outreach programs.

  7. Philippine School for the Blind – We supported several students from poor families, particularly those living in the provinces.

  8. Provincial Christian indigenous churches which also run class and educational and livelihood programs for skills development.

  9. Philippine General Hospital – This is a government hospital with a big number of poor patients coming from provinces. We provide financial assistance for the companions of the patients for food and transportation.

  10. Homeless street Dwellers -  These are the kariton or pushcart dwellers who (almost the entire family) use the pushcarts to gather saleable trash to sell and use the cart as their home at the end of the day.


Particularly for street dweller and street children


Enhancement of skills set through various learning program


Particularly for abandoned elderly and orphanage.




We've been actively aiding them in improving their lives.

Photos From: Philstar, Dailymail & Theirworld

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